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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Have you ever met someone expecting you would never be friends with them? So have we! That's actually exactly how our friendship began....

Of course every friendship starts out differently, but ours began with each being very unsure of the other. We met nearly 5 years ago, both working as servers at Yard House in downtown Indianapolis. Although it may have been a rocky beginning, as time passed we grew very close. Our co-workers associated one with the other and often said we were "attached at the hip", which may or may not have been true. We began dating our now husbands at a very similar time and eventually we also became pregnant together with little girls (their age gap coincidentally being the same as their mommas).

During our long nights at Yard House, we often would talk about owning our own business together and began brainstorming nearly every shift. Our first idea was to open a bakery and even created an entire plan and name. When we moved on from that idea, we then thought about opening a shop that contained various home and decor items and possibly even baked goods, but eventually we decided against that concept.

As time went on, our business ideas came to a halt and family became more of our focus. However, the thirst to own our own business together never stopped. With our love for event planning continuing to grow as we were always

the ones to throw parties for our friends and family, we began creating yet another business idea. This time was different. Our determination was more present than it had ever been and we were genuinely dedicated to creating an amazing business for not only ourselves, but for all our clients as well. Thus, A Moment In Time Event Co was born.

Throughout the years we have shared so many experiences together; weddings, child birth, holidays, and many birthdays. These are the types of things we want to share with YOU! You may have noticed a common theme throughout our website and that is how important it is for us to create the most special moments you'll never forget, along with just how honored we are that we may get to be a part of them. We understand that these are typically moments you share with family and close friends, so we wanted you to get a chance to get to know us as we get to know you!

Let's get to planning!

-Paige & Whitley

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