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Rental Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question below, just send us a quick message 

using the "Let's Chat" button in the bottom right corner of the screen!


How does it work?

Start by browsing our rental listings to find what you like! Next, head up to the top right corner and click "Log In or Sign Up". Make an account so that you will be able to see all your rentals in one place.

Now, start requesting your items. We rent out items for 96 hours (4 Days), so if your event is on a Friday you would PICK UP on Thursday, have your event on Friday, and then you would have until Sunday to return the items. Make sure when selecting your date, that you are selecting the day before your event!

Next, finish filling out your request forms and once we get your request(s) we will create a booking for you!

We will contact you via email (unless you specify otherwise) to make sure we have all your info and send you an invoice for a deposit as well as a rental contract.

All details for pick-up/ delivery/ and returns will be conferred in an email to make sure the times are convenient for you!

Can you deliver/pick up my rentals?

Yes, your order can be delivered for a fee of $40.00 plus 0.25 cents per mile from our facility. 

For example: If Sally wants delivery for her rentals and she lives 20 miles from our facility, she would pay $40.00 + $5.00 = $45.00 total for delivery. This price would be the same for pick up. 

Do you set up my rentals?

Yes, we can absolutely set up your rentals. The price will be negotiated depending on how many items you need set up/taken down. Just let us know you are interested in set up and/or tear down when you place a booking request. 

What if I want multiple rentals?

That's great news! Make a separate booking request for each rental. Our software allows you to see if the items you want are available on the days you are requesting. Once you submit a request for all your items log into your account and check the "My Bookings" tab to keep track of all your rentals in one place!

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